The 4-OPTIONS studio has over fifteen years of experience working in the fast-growing Asian market. During this period, 4-OPTIONS participated in a range of collaborative projects, where creatives from different industries worked together on select large assignments. In doing so, 4-OPTIONS was able to build a strong database of successful, reliable, original and efficient Dutch design offices working in the Netherlands today.

With its ‘match-making service’ , 4-OPTIONS is able to promote the portfolios of various creative professionals and upcoming new talents across a wide range of textile, fashion and design disciplines. 4-OPTIONS can then offer ‘personalised business match-making’ for companies or organisations, creating new possibilities for collaborative partnerships between Asian industry and Dutch designers. Studio 4-OPTIONS aims to provide tailor-made collaborations and unique products by connecting the most suitable creatives to the right companies.


Initial orientation meetings allow new clients to identify their problems and support needs. Once these are established the studio provides a personalised solution and support to the client in its implementation. Thanks to a unique and exclusive combination of creatives within a team, innovation, analytical power and quality improvement can be achieved, leading to an eventual increase in turnover for the client. The 4-OPTIONS team always works closely with the client's internal staff during implementation.

The studio enables your organisation to further maximise your full potential. Their team shows a great commitment to your business innovation objectives by connecting content and people.


We are continually drawing from a pool of established professionals with long experience in their specialist fields as well as selecting bright young talent, coming onto the market. Crucial in how we select is the quality of work of the agency or designer, combined with the right professional attitude and social skills. Our studio establishes partnerships with a variety of parties who can be involved in new commissions. By combining our strengths we are able to implement projects for our clients which stand out in creativity and high value quality.





Every year 4-OPTIONS organises a network-event for creative participants in its ‘match-making programme’. The event will provide an opportunity to meet the 4-OPTIONS team and to have an overview of the studio's activities. Plans for the new season will be presented and there will be a chance to put questions to the team. Participants will also be given the opportunity to introduce themselves to all those present.